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Les Mille Sens is the Domaine’s current vintage.  Sold from Spring onwards.

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La Montagne Noire is a prestige wine not available every year.


Pinot Noir is sold after several years’ maturing.


Domaine de Sarry is sold in the year following its harvest.


We advise you to store your bottles horizontally and away from excessive light sources. Variations in temperature accelerate wine ageing.

When you uncork a bottle of wine, make sure that your corkscrew does not come out inside the bottle, damaging the other face of the cork and creating cork dust.  Just a few turns are enough.

Do not re-cork your wine with the original cork; use a special sommelier’s cork or one from a spirit bottle.

Red wines are more expressive when they are served at around 16°C (up to 18°C); this is also the case for quality white wines.

Only young wines should be drunk “cool but not chilled”.

Montagne Noire should be treated like a great red.

Avoid decanting fragile (old) wines into a carafe.  This is recommended for young wines that need to release their gas and be aerated.

A great wine should be aerated in the glass by turning it gently and taking care to uncork the bottle shortly before serving (one to 12 hours), depending on the vintage.

An opened bottle should be consumed within 72 hours for whites and only 12 hours for reds.

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