Since 1907

It is difficult to describe this wine in words because it evolves constantly, reflecting and remembering the plant cycles and the seasons.  It is perhaps this memory that produces a great wine.  

La Montagne Noire is a more powerful version and is more structured by a maturing technique used for wines that are to be laid down for many years.  We have tried to pay tribute to the ‘terroir’ and to our ancestors by mastering both the history and the geography associated with the wine.  There is more strength than power: the strength of work and patience.

 Montagne Noire is always tasted in the cellar, where it has matured.  Along with  the mineral and often jammy fruit aromas,  combined with longings, often with memories, a horizontal tasting reveals, vintage after vintage … the present, in which we remember, through watching people taste, that the love of the job has been handed down by past generations of our customers.