Since 1907

The Domaine’s red wine is vinified using Pinot Noir grapes. This grape variety is found in Burgundy and Champagne

It is a black-skinned grape with white juice.

The grapes are macerated to extract the colour from the skin.  It is not possible to blend with other grape varieties.  

The Domaine’s wines are matured in casks for two years before being bottled.

They keep well but for less time than the white wines.

Pinot Noir is a grape variety that produces some of the most delicate red wines.  To preserve this elegance it should be vinified with care because, with great wines, the search for structure can have a negative effect on elegance.  It is this finesse that allows the wine to accompany such a variety of dishes, from the most subtle to the most copious.  Pinot Noir is often enjoyed on its own: a rare privilege for a red wine.