Since 1907


The story begins more than a century ago, with the determination of one man who very quickly discovered his passion and built his dream.

All our predecessors have added their contribution to the enterprise over five generations.  

 During the last century we changed our name several times because the vineyards were passed down through the women in the family and it was the custom that the man, the Artisan, gave it his name. Théophile Pellé, Pierre Millérioux, André Théveneau, Michel Brock.


Domaine de Sarry is an extraordinary and unusual place that is remarkable for its situation and beauty. In 2007, to celebrate the estate’s centenary, we chose it as our flag-bearer and we now owe it our identity.  Over and above the existence of men there is a more lasting ‘terroir’.

In 1929, while he was still alive, Théophille Pellé, a former councillor for the Cher department who had no heirs, donated his vineyards and wine cellars to Pierre and Marie Millérioux, my maternal great-grandparents.  

On 1st July, Théophille Pellé left all his property to the Cher department, with a view to setting up an agricultural foundation.  The provisions of the will stipulated:

-that the income from the legacy should be used to facilitate "the acquisition of small rural properties or farming equipment for farmers, tenant farmers or agricultural workers",

that "these subsidies will be granted, via a committee, to small farmers, tenant farmers or agricultural workers who have obtained a long-term loan for the acquisition or development of small rural properties ",

-that they will be paid "into the beneficiaries’ accounts to reduce their loan payments”.

The Pellé legacy is managed by the Cher Departmental Council.

Once upon a N.Brock

Théophille Pellé