Since 1907

Wine growing

Michel Brock and Christiane Théveneau took over the family business and at the same time bought the Domaine de Sarry, which is an 11-hectare estate of contiguous vineyards.

Domaine de Sarry was originally a small group of unused parcels where vine-growing had been progressively abandoned since the Middle Ages because the slopes were too dry.

Domaine de Sarry’s only activities are vine-growing and wine-making. We do not use herbicides or insecticides and work the soils mechanically. The existing grasses are natural and varied. The return to ancient agrarian practices helps to give life to the soils through a respect for the natural balance of the animal and plant life.

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Grape varieties: Sauvignon Blanc for the white. 100 % Pinot Noir for the red.

Situation: On exposed hillsides (south-east) to the south-west of the appellation area.  

Average age of the vines: 30 years. Domaine surface area: 11 hectares.  Planting density: 7500 vines per hectare. Soil:  Our wines come from the Domaine de Sarry (Monopole) culminating at the summit of the Montagne Noire, situated close to the Motte d’Humbligny, which is the highest point in the north-western quarter of France (431 metres). The ‘terroir’ is made up of pure white clay and faces south-east. It is the realm of secondary era ammonites.    

The soil is Kimmeridgian clay and limestone marl. (-155 to -152 million years - Late Jurassic).

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