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The taste of Beauty


In France blood alcohol limits are 0.5 g /l for drivers. See the legislation in your country. Alcohol consumption can slow drivers’ reflexes (braking) and cause drowsiness.

Road traffic legislation

As long as they are enjoyed in moderation, our wines are fine for diabetics but we nevertheless advise diabetics to talk to their doctor.  A glass of wine contains less than half a gram of sugar (glucose + fructose). We count eight glasses in a 0.75 l bottle.


Sale of alcohol to minors is prohibited.  “The consumption of even a small quantity of alcoholic drinks during pregnancy can have serious consequences for the health of the unborn child.”

Minors, pregnant women

A few precautions

This place, which you are welcome to visit, is a site for cultural and historical information about the Domaine de Sarry.  We celebrated our centenary in 2007.  

Wine appeals in the same way as music.  You do not need to understand music theory to appreciate its beauty. You do not need to describe a good wine or search out the secret of a hypothetical recipe.  A good wine should delight the person who is tasting it without the need for explanation or folklore: this is the approach we work towards.  This is the only way in which beauty can evolve and live. Wine speaks to the body and the spirit and reason only intervenes to add to this magic.  When someone tasting wine tells me he is not a connoisseur, I listen to him carefully because “No one is prophet in his own country” and I know that I am going to learn something.  Quality is not fixed in method or tradition, it is in the eyes of others and we need to look for it there, without fantasy or illusion.